Been where? Done what?



Orwell_PlakatGenre: Interactive Thriller
Platforms: Tablets (iOS & Android), PC/Mac
State: Production
Release: 2016

A series of suspected terrorist strikes shake the most lively places in the city of Bonton, capital of the Nation. The reasons remain unknown and the only existing clues raise more questions than they answer.

As a new investigator in the governmental security program “Orwell” you are assigned the investigation of an activist group that goes by the name of “Thought.” Orwell itself is a software, a toolset that allows you to research online documents, observe messages and chats, wire-tap telephone calls and intrude into personal devices. It is your job as a trustworthy citizen to gather relevant pieces of data about the target individuals and fill their personal profiles to ultimately uncover the perpetrators of the assaults.

But are these people really terrorists? Are they really guilty? What if you find out things about them that not even their loved ones know? What is the real price for maintaining the security the Nation is yearning for? Digging through the most private documents confronts you with many inconvenient questions. And there is only one thing for sure: Nobody is innocent.

Creative Gaming Award 2015 Nominee - Most Innovative Newcomer Game

Creative Gaming Award 2015 Nominee – Most Innovative Newcomer Game


Previous projects

Yes. There was a life before Osmotic. Here are some of its leftovers.


Scherbenwerk – Bruchteil einer Ewigkeit

scherbenwerk_coverGenre: Adventure
Platforms: PC / Windows
State: Student Project Prototype
Team: Michael Kluge, Clemens Kügler, Marc Victorin, Vanessa Zeeb, Mathias Fischer

Screenshot_Scherbenwerk3Scherbenwerk tells the story of Kester Featherstone, a young boy, who is buried deep in thought. One day, in an attempt to escape from his father, he climbs the tower in the center of the city of Rubicon’s Deep, only to find a miniature of the city on top of it. Accidentially he lets it slip – it shatters. And as it breaks and shards scatter everywhere, time comes (almost) to a stop.

Screenshot_Scherbenwerk2Now Kester must undertake a journey to find and ultimaltely re-unite all missing pieces and mend time itself. With the parts of the minature that he’s already found he is able to rotate the concentric circles the whole city consists of as well as the time flow.

The game is an adventure game, realized fully in 3D whereas the props are flat and cardbord-like. The town’s circles can be rotated to create new ways and enter or leave the world of the Sterlings, a race of mysterious beings that inhabit the slowed down world.

Screenshot_Scherbenwerk4Scherbenwerk was realized during the master studies of Michael, where he was the Lead Programmer for the project. After its completion as a vertical prototype it won the German Computer Games Award for the Best Newcomer Concept.



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Genre: Adventure, Puzzle, Platformer
Platforms: PC / Windows
State: Student Project Prototype
Team: Melanie Taylor, Daniel Marx,
Susanne Helmhagen, Franziska Kerwien

Screenshot_GroundPlay4One night in your childhood your favorite toy Karlson, a violet cat, awakes to horrendous tremors shaking your child bed. Something appears to be beneath it! As a faithful guardian of your childish fantasy, Karlson takes heart and ventures deep down to where the monster hides…

Screenshot_GroundPlay3GroundPlay is a sidescrolling adventure. With simplistic controls and fantasy as a tool, Karlson may merge and become one with any toy. This way he is able to avert the monstrous intrusion with imagination.


This project was relalized as part of the master studies of Mel and Daniel from 2011 to 2013 and won the German Computer Games Award on 2013. You can download and play the game right from the project page.

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